How to Network as a Freelancer   

Strategic networking is a key tool to gain high-profile projects. Here’s how  you may be able to create a name for yourself in the industry as a freelancer

For someone who is venturing into freelance, networking becomes an extremely crucial part of the process. Networking means you are creating contacts within the industry as a solo entity or brand. Good networking increases your chances of getting hired for high- profile projects and international clients.

The freelance market is extremely competitive, and a client will always conduct thorough research while trying to search for competitive and dependable freelance candidates. There are a few different ways in which networks can be built. In this article we will look at a few tips which can guide you, when just starting out as a freelancer:


Informing your friends and family about your freelance journey can help you the most while networking. They are most likely to pitch you in their circle. This is also referred to as ‘word of mouth.’ It is the most traditional form of networking which always works in your favor. You can trust them to put in a good word and find pleasant potential clients. Additionally, they would do this for free or ask for a discount, which is a fair deal for someone like you who is trying to get your foot in the door. The only drawback to this method is that the chances of getting international clients can be less unless they are often associated with people overseas.

Websites and Online Platforms

In the digital age, it is a frequent practice for clients to search for candidates online. There are many freelancing websites and other online platforms available to sign-up with, that can be helpful to find high-profile projects at the push of a button. Ratings play a huge factor in attracting potential clients for online portals, so ensure to provide quality service to get better ratings. Here, unlike the traditional form of networking such as referrals, your chances of contacting international clients are higher. This means your chances of being involved in forex transactions and receiving money from abroad also increase. The best way to receive international payments in India is by setting up a free account with BRISKPE for seamless cross-border payments.

Improving your Online presence and SEOs

Apart from only relying on third party websites, try to improve your online presence. Set up a business account on social media platforms and post informative content regularly. Create your website portfolio and keep it updated. Write blogs on your website to share your expertise about the industry. This will help potential clients to know you better. To know more about professional portfolios, checkout out our blog on A freelancer’s guide to building a professional portfolio. Building a good online presence will also help clients get in touch directly and help you avoid having to pay extra charges to the freelance platforms.

Sending Cold Emails to Agencies and Companies

Another great way to network is by sending cold emails. Create a list of companies or agencies that could hire you. You can do this by checking out their website to see if they hire freelancers, their past freelance collaborations, feedback by other freelancers and if their working ethics feel compatible. After creating the list, start sending them emails and try to make your pitch as unique as possible. Every newcomer freelancer would try to collaborate with big companies, so if you are able to make yourself stand out, you will get the job. Write a captivating subject line or opening line to get noticed.

Attending Events and Conference

Events and Conferences are another way to build connections. This will increase your chances of meeting potential clients and pitching yourself in-person. Most of the time, when you meet clients face-to-face, it becomes easier to convince them. You will also have the opportunity to meet other freelancers who have spent enough time in the industry. They can guide you and help build networks. Additionally, attending events and conferences keeps you updated with the latest trends in the industry.

Paid Advertisements

If you have enough funds saved for advertising, then go ahead and do so. This is not the best way to network, especially online advertising, as inorganic traffic is usually short term. Online advertisements can also be quite expensive. However, traditional advertisement sources can be comparatively cheaper. It can be useful to get noticed by potential clients. Keep paid advertisement as a less likely option to network and go for it only if you feel like you absolutely need it to receive projects.

Contacting Past Co-workers and Companies

Speaking with your past co-workers and companies and informing them about your freelancing venture can be another fantastic way to network. They already have experience of working with you, so whenever they have a project which needs your expertise, they can contact you and hire you on a contract.

Summing up

Building networks play a significant role in getting high- profile projects. Aside from these tips, try joining freelance groups if you come across them at events and conferences. This will help you keep updated if there are any changes in the industry or understanding which clients to work with and their reputation within the industry. Networking also mainly relies on trust and good outcomes, so remember to value the existing clients and not neglect them while chasing high-profile projects and clients.

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