Frequently asked questions(FAQs)

Getting Started and Account Setup

Signing up with BRISKPE is easy. Just visit our website or download our iOS or Android App (insert link, click on "Get Started," and follow the guided registration process.

To set up your BRISKPE account, Your KYC details: Director/Partner/Proprietor’s PAN, Aadhaar, and your business documents i.e.: Entity PAN and Director/Partner’s/Beneficial Owner’s PAN and Entity’s Bank Details.

Once you have submitted your information and documents, your BRISKPE account will typically be activated within 5 minutes.

BRISKPE currently allows only businesses with GST to register. We may introduce this segment later.

Using Virtual Accounts

A BRISKPE Virtual Account is unique local account linked to BRISKPE’s Banking Accounts offering a streamlined solution for receiving international payments in multiple currencies, simplifying cross-border transactions ensuring segregation of client money.

A client located in the US can initiate an ACH transfer to the local USD receiving unique account of the receiver (Indian exporter).

You can access your BriskPe Virtual Account details from your profile in the App. These details are unique to each business, used to receive payments from your clients for valid trade transactions (Goods/Service).

Yes, BRISKPE allows you to have Virtual Accounts in various major currencies to facilitate your diverse payment needs. Local accounts are USD, CAD, GBP, EUR, SGD, and AUD. Many more local currencies are coming soon. Hang tight.

 Yes, BRISKPE allows you to collect in 35+ currencies via Swift and you can access them here

BriskPe allows you to trade with over 180 countries across the globe. You can look at the list here 

In an unfortunate scenario you want to close your Account, please reach out to your RM, or mail us on support. Please be assured about repository of your past transactions for 5 years.

Transactions and Payments

Inward payments to your BRISKPE Virtual Account are usually processed swiftly, though the exact timing depends on the sender's bank and location. In most cases the funds are received within 24 to 48 hours.

ACH: 24-48 hours* or depending on the delivery date of the payment.

FPS: Within minutes

SEPA: Within 24 – 48 hours*

EFT: Within 24-48 hours*

AUD Wire: 24-48 hour*

SWIFT: 24-48 hours*

We are on a mission make global payments efficient for every business in India. Please enroll in the beta list to be the first to use outward payments capability.

BRISKPE's virtual account is an ideal solution for exporters with transaction values up to USD 10,000 under the OPGSP Guidelines of RBI (Reserve Bank of India), India. We adhere to strict sanction compliance of multiple geographies and facilitate only genuine and permissible trade transactions.

While our virtual account supports payments from both individuals and businesses for goods exports, please note that we only cater to Business-to-Business (B2B) transactions for service exporters. For any additional requirements, feel free to write to us.

 Request payment is a unique feature of BriskPe, allowing you to send invoice and virtual account details to your client to receive the funds. We also notify your buyer about the payments when request is submitted in BriskPe’s platform

Security and Support:

Absolutely. BRISKPE is built by founders with decades of experience in building and leading payments technology, product and compliance for Global Financial Institutions and Cross Border Payments FinTech. We employ advanced encryption and security measures to ensure your financial information is kept secure.
We collaborate with banks under the OPGSP regulation of the RBI and equivalent authorities in each country. Every transaction we facilitate adheres to strict safety and compliance standards. All transactions are securely managed by our trusted regulated partners.

If you have questions or encounter any issues while using BRISKPE, our dedicated support team is ready to assist you. Contact us through the channels provided on our website or your Relationship Manager

A Foreign Inward Remittance Advice (FIRA) is another type of Payment Advise generated by a bank which receives foreign currency first in India. FIRA is regulatorily valid document of foreign currency receipt, capturing all the details of the transactions I.e., remittance amount in foreign currency, equivalent INR credit, remitter details, beneficiary details and purpose of inward.

While all inward remittance has IRM record on EDPMS portal of RBI in digital form, some of the Banks still seek a copy of payment advises for knocking of shipping bills to be realized.

Traditionally, individuals need to visit the bank or do multiple follow-ups to obtain their FIRC (Foreign Inward Remittance Certificate) and are forced to pay for the same. BriskPe offers complimentary digital Foreign Inward Remittance Advice for each cross-border transaction upon receipt of the same from Banking Partner Please be assured, no follow-ups' needed.

Transaction Limits and Fees

BRISKPE's virtual account is an ideal solution for exporters with transaction limits up to USD 10,000 under the OPGSP License of RBI, India.

BRISKPE has a strict no-hidden fee policy and provides transparent pricing plans that outline the fees for using our services. You can find information about our fees on our website and in the contract documents.

BRISKPE works with global banks for collections and payouts to ensure security of every inward transaction. All transactions are screened as per global compliance standards, prioritizing the safety of your cross-border transactions and BRISKPE rails. We ask for invoices for each transaction, and our banking partners might ask for more details to comply with regulations.

Processing a genuine trade transaction is a global regulatory requirement and requires processors to understand each transaction in detail. This is a crucial step to maintain transparency and compliance standards throughout the transaction process. This information is also required for your FIRA document which is passed to our processing bank.

Upon successful clearance of the invoice and transaction details, you can expect the INR amount to be credited to your account within 1 working day (T+1), ensuring swift access to your funds. While we ensure brisk credit to all our customers, sometimes time zone difference, information deficiency to screen transactions might impact these timelines

Request Payment and Reminders FAQs

You can easily request payment from your clients by generating a payment link through your BRISKPE account. Share this link with your clients for a seamless payment experience.

When sending a payment request, ensure you include the invoice details, payment amount, buyer details and their geography and any relevant notes to help your clients identify the transaction.

We would love to know if this requirement is critical for you. Please contact us or your relationship manager for the requirement.

BRISKPE provides a reminder feature that allows you to send automated reminders to clients with pending payments. This helps ensure timely settlements saves time on manual tracking and follow-up.

Yes, BRISKPE's platform allows you to track the status of payment requests and reminders, giving you transparency into the payment process.

If your client does not respond to the payment request or reminders, you can follow up directly with them to ensure the payment is processed.

Yes, you can send payment reminders to clients who do not have a BRISKPE account. The reminders will include the necessary payment details for their convenience.

BRISKPE's upcoming features will include the option to schedule automated payment reminders in advance, making your payment management even more efficient.


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