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Supercharge Global Business with Robust Payment solutions

We Simplify Global Collections and Payments, So You Can Focus on Your Business

Collect Payments Globally

Effortlessly receive payments from your clients in the US, Canada, EU, UK, Singapore & Australia directly into your virtual accounts with BriskPe.

Send Payments Globally

Conveniently send payments to your suppliers across the world in real time

How we work

We Empower Global Financial Reach for SMBs and MSMEs

Virtual Accounts

Get 6 locals accounts in USD, CAD, GBP, EUR, SGD and AUD and 37+ Swift accounts


Digital Copy of FIRA and Regularization on EDPMS


Access market-leading
FX rates

Payment Request

Send payment requests and reminders to your clients


Get comprehensive payments insights and analytics

Real-Time FX Rates, Zero Markup

With a flat fee of less than 1%

No Hidden Charges

Zero Forex Markup

100% Transparency

Savings with Every Transaction

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Flat 1% transaction fee (inclusive of GST)

Invoice Value



Live FX Rate, Zero Markup
Transaction fee
GST (18% of Txn fee)

You will recieve




Get Started within 5 minutes

Legally Compliant, Free Account Setup, Zero Maintenance Fees

Quick Digital KYC

Complete KYC digitally, effortlessly

Global Virtual Accounts

Get your instant International account in USD, CAD, EUR, GBP, SGD, and AUD

Easy Invoice Management

Upload and send invoices with ease.

Seamless Payment Handling

Receive and reconcile payments

Every Penny is Safe and Secure!

Organisations of All Sizes Trust BRISKPE to Grow Their Business

Safe and Reliable

Protecting your money with data encryption for secure payments 

Fast and Convenient

Get paid 2x faster with our seamless cross-border solution

Efficient and Transparent

Global payment solution, less than 1% charge (all-inclusive) 

Fully Secure and Compliant

Powered by Prominent Banks, Financial Institutions & Startup India


Your Smart Business Choice

80% + Savings

Less than 1% charge with zero FX markup (all inclusive), better than banks and other providers 

Virtual Accounts

Local virtual accounts in USD, CAD, EUR, GBP, SGD, AUD, and more coming soon

Bank Grade Security

Cutting-edge tech, total compliance, and security, allin-one mobile app. 

One-Stop Mobile App

Manage global payments, monitor business performance and gain insights on-the-go

Tap here for your first payment with BRISKPE!

Founding Team

Indunath Chaudhary

Chief Operating Officer

Sanjay Tripathy

Chief Executive Officer

Nilesh Pathak

Chief Product & Technology Officer

Collective experience of 70+ years working with



Hemant Ghiya (Partner) Oliveto India LLP

BRISKPE's has brought immense efficiency to our export collections, combining a cost-effective approach with the app's benefits of heightened security and streamlined processes. This creates a winning combination for any exporter.

Hair Originals Manish Modi (Co-Founder/Director) Hair Originals

BRISKPE's Payment solutions are superb and have helped me manage small-value payments from Europe and Canada seamlessly. The efficient payment tracking, timely reminders to buyers, and expedited settlements are icing on the cake.

Madhava Raghava Jewellers LLP Raghav Soni (Partner)

BRISKPE is setting new standards in the payments industry. This first-of-its-kind mobile app puts control in my hands, with the added benefit of payment reminders to my customers, providing exports like us a significant competitive edge.

Sahid Mondal Beads Exporter

I've been exporting raw beads to the USA since 2017. Dealing with high Forex charges and long timelines was a constant challenge until I discovered BRISKPE. Their low transaction rates and quick payments set them apart, saving me significant money and boosting the efficiency and profitability of my export business. BRISKPE is a reliable partner that has streamlined my financial processes, positively impacting my bottom line. I highly recommend them to fellow exporters seeking a trustworthy and cost-effective financial solution

Raju Kataria Textile Exporter

I’ve been exporting textiles to USA, UK and Japan since 2021, and have encountered hurdles like high charges and longer timelines. BRISKPE changed the game by providing a local account in my company's name, boosting customers’ confidence and projecting a stronger image. Their competitive conversion rates have not only eased financial strain but also maximized returns on foreign income. BRISKPE isn't just a solution; it's a smart choice that significantly enhances the bottom-line.

Gautam Khandelwal Naturopathy consultant

BriskPe has been a game-changer for my business. I was losing money on exchange rates and charges while receiving payments from international clients. With BriskPe, I now get better rates than other similar companies, saving significantly on costs. The entire experience has been hassle-free and low-cost, making it a crucial tool in optimizing my financial transactions. Highly recommended.

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BriskPe helps businesses to collect overseas payments with ease. Please fill up the form so we can provide you with early access to our platform.
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