How To Get Started As A Freelancer?

The freelancer market in India is growing, making it the right time for individuals to shift from their traditional 9-to-5 routine. Here is how to secure your space in the freelancing community

Freelancing refers to independently working on per-job or per-task typically for a short-term, making an individual their own boss. Being a freelancer has many benefits; one has the freedom to work from home, have a flexible work schedule, a better work-life balance, etc. Although there are many benefits of being a freelancer, the biggest challenge is getting started. In this article we will look at a few tips and advice for newcomer freelancers.

The freelance market in India is rapidly evolving with space for everyone in every industry. The startup culture in India and the global pandemic have been driving forces behind this growth. As per a report by NITI Aayog, India’s freelancing and gig community is projected to grow to INR 244 lakh crore by 2029-30.

The transition from a full-time worker to a freelancer can be a frantic task, here are a few steps that can serve as a guideline for individual’s considering this switch:

Define Your Skills:

The first thing to do is define your skills. This will help you establish your niche and give a clear idea and understanding of your strengths. A freelancer with a clear vision of the goals and services they offer is more likely to convince high-profile clients and receive better projects.

Build a Strong Portfolio:

Once your skills are defined, it is important to list out your achievements, expertise and accomplishments in this area. Building a strong portfolio not only helps you showcase your capabilities, but also helps the potential clients consider why you could be the best candidate for the job. Even if you have not done big projects or have many accomplishments, build a portfolio for client’s knowledge and scrutiny.

Have a Strong Pitch

Building a strong portfolio can help you establish your work professionally, but you must also know how to market yourself first before your work. The average human attention span is 8.25 minutes; a person who clearly understands their goals and services could pitch themselves within 1-3 minutes. For someone who isn’t well established in the industry, it is extremely crucial to be able to pitch themselves so the potential clients may consider hiring you.


Now that your base is organised and settled, you must begin reaching out to your network. Expanding your connections within the industry is the next crucial step as this widens the scope to secure potential clients faster. Networking can happen in many ways, from word of mouth to cold emails. To know more about networking, check out our blog on how to network as a freelancer.

Get Listed on a Freelance Platform

Apart from networking, list yourself on various freelancing platforms. In the age of digitalization, social media & SEOs, clients are more likely to seek potential candidates on a project online, which is easier and faster than word of mouth, giving quick results in seconds.

Content Marketing

Talking about the age of digitalization, try marketing your content for efficient discovery. Try writing blogs for your website, creating informative and insightful videos and posts for social media, interacting with potential clients, experimenting with new ways to enhance online presence, etc. This will help attract potential clients from across the globe, increasing trade volume, hence fetching more forex.

Managing Time & Increased Productivity-

Since a freelancer is usually someone switching from a 9-to-5 job, it is essential to know how to manage your time. As a freelancer, you are your own boss, so choose a time which works best for you. This will help create a balance between work and private life, which in turn, increase your productivity to its full potential. If working during the night is preferable to you and helps you increase productivity, then consider working at those hours. Understanding your working patterns early on helps establish long-term benefits.

Stay Patient and Persistent

 Keep hustling.. One cannot expect to secure clients and projects the moment they establish themselves as a freelancer. Do what you can to ensure your services and goals are known and open for clients to approach you.

Manage Finances

Another factor to be taken care of before the potential clients start approaching you is your finances. A client can come from anywhere around the world, meaning you must be available to accept any payments method from SWIFT to wire transfers to account-to-account transfers. Dealing with forex can be quite nerve-racking, signing-up with a cross- border payments platform such as BRISKPE can help ease the monetary aspects. Cross-border payments platforms like BRISKPE are constantly at the service of their clients to deliver faster and secure services as compared to banks.

Securing Clients & Projects

Once you start getting clients and projects, it is essential to deliver valued service each time to secure them as long-term clients and establish yourself as a freelancer in the industry. Maintaining reputation is an essential tool for survival in any industry. The trust of the clients must be maintained at all times.

Celebrating  Milestones

As exciting and interesting as it sounds to be your own boss, it also comes with many responsibilities. Celebrating your achievements, even the smallest ones, can boost your confidence, help in handling challenges and avoid burnout. When you start appreciating your accomplishments, you try to push yourself to achieve more. Celebrate as you like by either splurging on things or just informing your loved ones and reminding yourself why you love freelancing.

 Summing Up

As per a news report by TOI, startups worldwide are hiring Indian freelancers due to their competitive rates and easy availability and India’s freelancing community will keep making strides and dominate the global gig economy in the years to come. This is the right time for potential freelancers to secure their space in the freelance community. Want to know how to more about the other aspects of being a freelancer? Check out our other blogs on freelancers to know more.  

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