Customer Grievance Redressal Policy

Version 2


Rohan Dani, Director-Partnerships


Indunath Chaudhary Sanjay Tripathy Nilesh Pathak

The policy has undergone changes pursuant to issuance of Payment Aggregator-Cross Border guidelines issued by Reserve bank of India (RBI/2023-24/80 CO.DPSS.POLC.No.S- 786/02-14-008/2023-24). Hence PA-CB shall be read as Payment Aggregator-Cross Border (PA-CB) for the purpose of this document.

Introduction: The primary goal of our grievance redressal policy at BRISKPE is to deliver timely and comprehensive resolutions to customer complaints, queries, and grievances. This policy is designed to encompass critical aspects, including the disposal of complaints, handling of grievances, management of chargebacks, and processing of refunds.

Disposal of Complaints:

  1. Customer Complaint Management Process:
  2. We have implemented a systematic process for tracking and promptly resolving customer complaints at BRISKPE.
  3. Our objectives include ensuring adequate complaint responses, acceptable response times, complaint closure, and continuous analysis of trends for
  4. Customer queries, when service-led deficiencies are identified, are categorized as complaints, and resolved according to the following table:

Customer Queries


Enquiry about transaction status or payment

Transaction details and payment status provided

Charge related

Information on charge with a detailed breakup is details provided

Buyer Payment not

reflecting on app

Receipt status is verified with the concerned bank or payment


Credit not reflecting in customer’s account

Credit status verified with the concerned bank or payment provider

Mismatch Credit and FIRA Amount

Details of all inward, necessary charges and deduction provided

Return/Refund related

·        For cases where transaction has bee rejected by compliance shall be returned to remitter and an email shall be provided to the customer

·        For cases where return request is received it shall be governed as per Master direction on Export of Goods and Service as per Terms of Services

  1. Complaints are monitored for resolution within a time-bound manner with regular updates provided to the
  2. Targeted Turn Around Times (TATs) for responses are managed within 2 working days, and resolutions within 5 to 7 working days from the date of

Handling of Grievances:

  1. Customers can write to us using online query form at to register their complaints.
  2. A unique ticket number is assigned for each query or complaint, and customers an email
  3. Customers can register or track their queries on
  4. In our tiered approach for grievance resolution:

Level I: Service First – Executive Email: Resolution within 1 to 2 working days.

Level II: Nodal Officer

Name: Rohan Dani

Email: | Phone: +91- Resolution within 5 to 7 working days.

Management of Chargebacks:

  1. Chargebacks, the reversal for local payment methods/SWIFT transactions initiated by customers, are managed comprehensively at BRISKPE as per the Master Direction on Export of Goods and Services
  2. Types of chargebacks and associated remedies are clearly defined.

Chargeback Reason



Merchandise not received

Claims of non-provided services or undelivered goods

·        If funds are in Collection A/C, process refund

·        If funds are settled, exporter to Request bank to process refund Master direction on Export of Goods and Service as per Terms of Services

Duplicate Processing/ Paid through other means

Payer cancels transaction; refund or credit is due

·        If funds are in Collection A/C, process refund

·        If funds are settled, Payer to coordinate with Seller/Service Provider directly for refund

Account debited but confirmation not received

Dispute of payment made but not credited: transaction has failed

Provide confirmation of no credit to BRISKPE

Goods not as described

Claims that merchandise doesn’t match

website/Email/Product Template description

Raise dispute with seller as per UCP under laws of ICC

Return/Refund related

For cases where transaction has been rejected by compliance the customer

shall be returned to remitter and an email shall be provided to

  1. For Account-to-Account payments, Chargeback request processing is subject to availability of funds in the collection A/C
  2. For Card payments, BRISKPE Chargeback Management System shall oversees dispute stages and participant access (To be developed before product launch).
  3. Roles and responsibilities are defined per collection rails providers/bank’s

guidelines for appropriate dispute resolution.

  1. Dispute resolution process includes obtaining supporting documents, resolving disputes, and final resolution based on bank’s/payment rail’s

Processing of Refunds:

  1. Refunds, originating from various scenarios, are efficiently handled at
  2. Refunds initiated     by      merchants      processed      within                       payment     service provider/Bank’s timelines
  3. Daily reconciliation is conducted with payment service providers and banks to identify failed transactions and report them


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